Building OH3 from Scratch - could i move from Develop PC to Main PC later?

Hi all,

i am runnig my existing OH 2.5 installation on a small nuc with windows 10 on it.
I decided to switch over to OH 3, but i want to build it from scratch.

Because of i need some time to build everything new, the idea is, to run a new OH 3 install on my Laptop until i am happy with everything, while my OH 2.5 is still working.

Is it possible to install OH 3 on the nuc, an then copy the complete Folder over from my Laptop to my NUC and have a running OH3 System?

Is it really that simple as its written here? Just zip the openhab Folder on my Laptop, copy it to the NUC unzip, and everything is fine?

Thank you!

Assuming both systems have the right Java installed and configured correctly so that openHAB can see it then yes, it’s that simple. openHAB doesn’t really “install” on Windows. It’s just a bunch of self contained folders so moving like this is pretty easy. You’ll also need to resetup the service stuff on the new machine.

However, a more standard approach would be to install it as normal and use the backup.bat and restore.bat files to just move the configuration.

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thank you!