Built in Voice Interpreter vs Rule Based Voice Interpreter

Not really sure where to put this so feel free to move it to the right sub-forum.

I’m looking to control OpenHab via voice with Google Home and I currently have it running through IFTTT with applets on the IFTTT site and I recently experimented with using VoiceCommand and having it run via rules. For that I selected Rule Based Voice Interpreter (because it sounded logical).

What happens with the other option, the Built in Voice Interpreter? I can’t find any information regarding this service to research.

One of the problems identified using the IFTTT service and rules is that it can’t handle a number wildcard within a text wildcard. Would the built in be able to handle this if we pass the text wildcard to Voice Command?

Any advice or documentation regarding the built in service would be appreciated!

Anyone have a comment about @RHINESEL question? I have the exact same question. Currently my setting is Rule Based Voice Interpreter. Thanks for you answers to come.