Busch-Jaeger free@home configuration

Busch-Jaeger free@home package/ Accesspoint system 2.0
Hey everyone,
I am just new here, because recently I just moved in my new house, which with Busch-Jaeger free@home as a smart home system in it.
When I connect my laptop to the accesspoint system, I see the installer already set everything in it already etc. floor drawings and all the switches and lighting spots. However, I found that for some of lighting spots, the controlling on the laptop are not correctly, for example, I click turn on the kitchen light but the light in living room is on.:cry: but the switch on the wall control is correct. What can I do in this case?
Thanks all of you.

This is an issue with your system.
Is this related to openHAB is anyway?
This an openHAB support forum.
I suggest you try the support there: