Busch-VoiceControl KNX supporting Homekit, Alexa and Google Home

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It’s with great interest that I read that ABB / Busch-Jaeger have released a product that should support KNX control via HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home

Alas, ABB have no plans getting this product to Norway. Have anyone looked at the product, know when it will become available and what the price will be?


Why are you asking this on an openHAB forum ?
openHAB integrates with KNX as well as with those speech assistants already, so it can already do what that ABB product is promising to.

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Bottom line is that I would like to give my blind girlfriend access to my OpenHAB installation and the OpenHAB HomeKit add-on is just not up for the job (unstable).

Alexa add-on works just fine, but HomeKit (Siri support) is much better for bind people as they can use VoiceOver and a lot of other accessibility stuff only available on Apple products (or at least superior on iPhone/iPad)

I would like to give my girlfriend access to most of the functions in my house (lighting is obviously not that interesting, but heating is). If I can leave most of the automation stuff to OpenHAB and use a 3rd party product to get HomeKit stable, I would be happy.

The abb Voicecontrol is equal to Pairot produced by xxter bv in Amsterdam.

Listprice is € 595,- excl. tax and shipping; we are happy to deliver units to Norway.
(we have already)
Please send a mail to sales@xxter.com and we will be happy to help you.

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