Button and color dashboard

Hi everybody,
I would like to do a button, not a switch. I don’t need to know the state of the button.
I just want to have the possibility to click on a button to do an action.
I think about a switch with mapping but I need to put the mapping inside .item. (my sitemap is very simple with the display of all item in one line).

Second question, I would like to have a black basicui and not a white basicui, do you know if it’s possible to do this ? Other dashboard ?

In the sitemap you can do

Switch item=switchItem mappings=[ON="CLICK"]

Whenever your press CLICK the item receives an ON command

To change the appearance of the basicUI you can go to:
PaperUI-Configuration-Services-UI-basicUI-EXPERT MODE


Yes thanks but I try to do this in *.item file because in my sitemap I just write one line to show all item (group=all).

In configure Basic UI / expert mode, I don’t have Theme xD Do you think I have to add parameter ?


You can’t do sitemap mapping in the item file
For the theme option, I don’t know… Sorry

Can’t be done. If you want anything outside of the default you MUST define it in the sitemap. You can’t use Group.

It is probably a new feature only available in the 2.3 snapshot.

For color I try this way : Basic UI:; dark theme
For mappings I will do by sitemap.
If you know the solution to have the possibility to change the theme in the last version, I listen to you.