Buttons instead of switch for motion sensor after upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4

I’ve just upgraded from 2.3 to 2.4 and my two motion sensors display OK and ALARM buttons instead of the switch as they had before the upgrade. I’d rather have the switch. I’ve seen in the docs how to display buttons, but nothing that explains how to get the switch. From the docs it seems that the default is to display a switch and mappings are used to display buttons. Here is my sitemap entry for one of the sensors:

Switch item=Hallway_Motion

Here is the item definition:

Switch Hallway_Motion "Hallway Motion" {channel="zwave:device:f21cd9de:node57:alarm_motion"}

How do I get the switch back?

Switch Hallway_Motion "Hallway Motion []" { channel="zwave:device:f21cd9de:node57:alarm_motion" }

Thanks for the reply, but I have still have buttons.

Switch Hallway_Motion "Hallway Motion []" {channel="zwave:device:f21cd9de:node57:alarm_motion"}

All mine look like:

Switch Hallway_Motion "Hallway Motion" <switch> {channel="zwave:device:f21cd9de:node57:alarm_motion"}
I think the <switch> defines the icon.


My understanding exactly.

I updated my post with code fences so the HTML did not strip what I was trying to say.


Perhaps you could tell us, display in what ? BasicUI? How does it look in ClassicUI?

I’m struggling to think of a way any kind of bug could turn on/off into ok/alarm without deliberately applied mapping at work

BasicUI is what I was referring to, but I just checked ClassicUI and there are buttons displayed there as well. I have never used a mapping for buttons, anywhere on my sitemap, so I’m at a loss.

It’s a bit of a marvel. Can you add to your sitemap
Switch item=Hallway_Motion
Text item=Hallway_Motion
and show us a screenshot?

Here you go:

Totally magical. Adding the extra sitemap line should have busted any caching. I cannot think of any way for UI to pluck button names from thin air, there’s a hidden mapping at work somewhere!

channels can come with labels but the Item label is supposed to override that.
Could try sitemap, to see what will override -

Switch item=Hallway_Motion label="Testing [%s]"
Switch item=Hallway_Motion mappings=[ON="charm", OFF="strange"]

Not quite

From the enum of states on the binding
It still doesn’t explain why the sitemap behaves like this

Bearing this is mind, we should also note that for zwave it was advised -
This binding will require that existing things are deleted, and re-added so that the binding picks up the latest thing definitions .

I wonder if this device has changed from switch to contact model

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Interesting idea, I’ll look at the binding again when I get home.

It is still a Switch.

Okay, it still remains the case that it was advised to delete all zwave things and start over for 2.4

I did that with the upgrade already.

Okay, we only know what you tell us. Have we displayed the [%s] value yet?

I have simular situation on my three z-wave motion sensors. And it changed when updating z-wave binding to 2.5. I did deleted my devices and re-added them again.

items file

Switch 	Node10_BinarySensor 				"Vision PIR Binary Sensor [%s]" 							<cum_motion> 	(gMotion) 		{channel="zwave:device:512:node10:sensor_binary"}
Switch  ZWaveNode5ZW100MultiSensor6_MotionAlarm 	"Multisensor6 PIR Alarm [%s]"  								<cum_motion>  	(gMotion)		{channel="zwave:device:512:node5:alarm_motion"}
Switch 	Node13_AlarmBurglar				"Neo Coolcam PIR Alarm (burglar) [%s]"							<cum_motion>	(gMotion)		{channel="zwave:device:512:node13:alarm_motion"}

It´s not the icon tag.

Good, in a way :crazy_face: @lorenzopt will be pleased to know his system has not gone rogue.
Perhaps it is time to summon @chris he may have missed this thread with no zwave tag?

Seeing the [%s] is interesting, it’s no longer ON/OFF is it? I guess the UI auto produces the buttons instead of a slider when the state is given to it as e.g. “untriggered”.
This is all a bit like UoM for Numbers.