C-Bus Binding on Raspberry Pi

Hi, and please excuse my first post being a question.

I have a Pi which is running C-Gate. I can connect to the Pi from my desktop using the C-Bus Toolkit and everything works as expected.

The next step on my journey was to install openHAB on the Pi and, so far as I can tell that is working fine too (it’s nit yet running as a service, so I am keeping the command window open for now). I can browse to openHAB from my desktop browser.

I have added the C-Bus JAR file into the Addons folder (I think that’s what I was meant to do). In the browser I can now see the various elements such as C-Gate and Lighting. I have configured C-Gate by putting in the IP Address of the Pi (as C-Gate and OpenHAB are on the same device), and I have also tried localhost. I see a few 500 errors flash up at the bottom of the browser screen and then it shows offline. Similarly, the lighting says that it is offline due to a configuration error.

I suspect (and am hopeful) that I have made a stupid newbie mistake and that someone can steer me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance, Nick.

Hi There
I have not set thisnup myself but have looke at it from time to time
From you description of the set up I see you have not mentioned how Cgate connects to C-Bus
To connect to C-Bus you need to have on the C-Bus network either a CNI, Wiser2, SHAC or an RS232 interface
and if I remember correctly there is a file in Cgate which needs to point at the IP or serial address.
If you go to the CBus Forums there is a post there Homekit intergation which covers the Cgate setup extremely well (link below)
Quite a bit of reading in it and quite tricky but cover the connections requirment between Cgate and CBus which I think you have missed if I read the post above correctly

Cheers Mark

I think his connection to C- Bus is working fine as he can use C-Bus toolkit OK via his C-Gate .

I suspect this is more down to configuring the allowed clients and priveledges.

Are you still having issues Nick ? The OP was a while back…
I have this setup and working OK although the original author never posted his final updates AFAIK