Cache removed - Sitemap messed up (upps)

As my recent OH2 installation seemed to have some issues and recommendation to check with cache, i did maybe something stupid. I removed all content of the cache folder and restarted openhab…

What happened is that now in the sitemap the custom names of switches are gone,…in PaperUI items of zwave devices do only have their default names…not the onces i gave them…uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

My naive assumption was that cache is cache and it would build up from scratch as the real information is somewhere in conf and userdata but not cache…

Is there any way i can easily fix it without manually setting up everything again…

update: it seems the lavels and icon definitions are gone for all items i setup via PaperUI, the names of items itself still are OK.

That is how it is supposed to work. What is the precise command you used to delete the cache?

You should also delete the contents of /var/lib/openhab2/tmp when you delete the contents of /var/lib/openhab2/cache. And you should never delete the folders themselves, only their contents.

ah, ok. did not touch tmp folder…in manual install its /userdata/tmp right?
i simply deleted “everything” inside cache folder…
you mean that the folder structure in cache should not be touched, only the files in the subfolders? is there any command to handle this?

I now managed to get it all running again like before by moving backward to 2.1.0,…seems to rebuild something that was not done simply by cache removal. thanks!!!

I mean that the cache and tmp folders must remain. everything else in them should be deleted.

Are you on a non-apt or non-yum OS? If you are I highly highly recommend using the automated installers and not the manual install.

hm - i’m with debian jessie.
reason for going manual + update script is the fact that i personally like openhab to stay in one place and i exactly know where the files are…

me personally, i’m not big fan of the opt/…installations.
Do you see more problems coming from manual installation?

Tons and tons. Unless you know what you are doing it is hard to get it to run safely (i.e. as a non-root user), file permissions are a pretty big problem, upgrades are more difficult, and it is much harder for us on the forum to help because there are so many things we can no longer take for granted that we can assume is right with an automated install.

The desire “to have all of OH’s files in one place” runs counter to the standard way that software should be installed on Debian and Red Hat based Linux distros. The top level folders are there for a reason and a program gets split into those folders for a reason.

you win - after supporting already so much recent days, i will switch to auto install next days.
maybe this will help to fix some of my OH2 issues.

Can I simply save my conf folder + userdata and write all back (except cache and tmp) after autoinstalling OH2?
In apt-get installation,…is the update-script of OH2.1/2 still required…or all is done via apt?


Upgrades are all handled by apt. No script to run yourself.