Calculating the average nightly consumption of a persisted item

Use case:

  • I have an smart meter, which openHAB reads out for consumption and counter
  • I’d like to have a chart, which tells me nightly consumption vs during the day consumption
    (average consumption 8:00 till 18:00 vs average consumption 18:00 till 8:00)
  • of course I could insert a Proxy-Item, wich gets updated every day, but I’d like to do that retrospective for the last year

Does anybody have a solution on this?

That means you need to work with persisted data.
Either some complicated scripting for Grafana or something, to deduce from existing data.
Or, back-loading calculated daily Item into your dataset.

ok, I wrote a python script to calculate daily night and day consumptions and load that stuff into my newly created Proxy-item - and works…