CalDav *command*, Openhab 2.5.3, Docker container, Nextcloud


after a long break in OH matters, I dared again and just can’t get any further.

I would like to use the CalDAV command to switch switch items.

Calendar is set up correctly - at least via Thunderbird I can easily get there.
Dates are in my opinion also correct.

In caldavio.cfg I experimented a little with “caldavio:” and without a prefix.
Without a prefix, I get 2 new .cfg in userdata / config / org / openhab, each with the name of the calendar entered.

No error messages via Karaff and log: tail.

But, you will guess, nothing will happen …

So first of all my question, does someone use CalDAV-Command here and does it work? I’m not talking about staff and appointments or garbage collection or the like!

Thanks and Greetings