CalDAV execute command

I’m currently trying to get the CalDAV binding running.
So far the CalDAV binding does fetch the data successfully from the server for the “private” and “command” calendar.
Commands from the “command” calendar are also properly detected however the execution fails see log file. It cant find the calendarId what seems a bit strange for me since it can fetch the data and put it into a cron job. Whats wrong?

The calendar entry loks like this: “BEGIN:CalDAVTest:Dies ist ein test”


# command Kalender <Badge type="warn" text="v1"/>




String		CalDAVTest	"Command [%s]"

Log File:

09:42:00.001 [INFO ] [] - event BEGIN for: 196UGE7OVG4M7KMPCH3699(BEGIN:CalDAVTest:Dies ist ein test@13.12.2019/09:42-13.12.2019/10:42)
09:42:00.002 [DEBUG] [aldav_personal.internal.CalDavBinding] - eventBegins() called for event '196UGE7OVG4M7KMPCH3699(BEGIN:CalDAVTest:Dies ist ein test@13.12.2019/09:42-13.12.2019/10:42)'
09:42:00.002 [TRACE] [aldav_personal.internal.CalDavBinding] - event calendarId does not exist in calendars
09:42:00.002 [TRACE] [     ] - Event content was empty! Returning empty event list.

I guess if you want it to use with a string itemtype you need to send a string:

BEGIN:CalDAVTest:"Dies ist ein test"

thx but no that was not the problem.
Solved it now myself:
I put the “BEGIN:CalDAVTest:Dies ist ein test” in the wrong place. I did put it into the tile but it needs to go into the description of the event!