CalDav not working with Google Calendar

Hi all,

I installed both of the the CalDav (Personal and Command) extensions in OpenHab2, added a Google Calendar MyCalendar and a daily event. Then I adjusted the


and the


For the url I tried the already deprecated one and the new one (see above). For my google account I do not use two factor authentication.
Then I created items

String CalDav_MyCalendar "Termin [%s]" <calendar> { caldavPersonal="calendar:MyCalendar type:EVENT eventNr:1

value:NAME" }

and a sitemap entry

Text item=CalDav_MyCalendar label="Termin"

The item is also show in the sitemap. When I checked the logs, I saw for long time, there “charset” couldn’t be parsed, that was, because I forgot to suffix it with “caldavio:MyCalendar:”. For that reason, I stopped openhab, cleaned cache and rebooted.

But that didn’t solve the issue, too.

When I call my google calendar from the browser by copying the url I only get the message “Login required”. No clue, if something like that also comes up when CalDav tries to connect.

Hopefully you can help me to get the addon run, because it’s something I’m looking for longer times now.

Thanks and kind regards,


Yesterday night I still read in a forum, that the old authentication way, caldav uses, was deactivated by google?! And therefore it’s not possible to use it anymore?!

I guess I’ll try Google Scheduler, now. What a pitty, that such great addons are not further developed…