Caldav Personal filter

I have a Caldav binding pointting to an iCloud calendar all working well. I would like to now get the next event with a specific word in it. It doesnt seem to be using the filter-name regex - or I dont know the correct syntax

String CalendarHomeworkName6  "Coming up [%s]"     <calendar>  { caldavPersonal="calendar:Homework type:EVENT eventNr:1 value:NAME filter-name:'/test/'" }

anyone know?

OK, today I have the same problem and find out the resolution. Its late for you, its only for documentation, you need regex, for Locking to ‘test’ as part from Name:

if you not sure, that’s test stand an start or end, with “T” or “t” …

OK for test ist this not a goof idea :wink: a for Long-Words for example “HomeOffice” for Heating the Office Room :wink: “.ome.ffic.” its a good regex :wink:


thats with the . at start and end of the text?