Caldav Personal with Google Calendar 404 error

I followed the steps in [Solved] Show Google Calendar Events in HabPanel/Sitemap - CalDav Personal - Openhab 2.4 but am getting a 404 sardine error in the openhab logs with the url posted. I’m guessing the url is the problem. Is anyone else having this issue? I posted more details in that ticket but it was suggested I open a new thread.

This URL in /services/caldavio.cfg from that other thread:

Perhaps this URL changed? (When I pull that URL up in a browser I get a login, but then it leads to: “Not found”)

Also I noticed this is a ver1 binding, is there a newer binding we should be using?

On a slightly related note: since I spent quite a bit of time trying to get this to work & failed, I tried to get it to work with grafana…holy crap is that involved! You have to create a Google api key, client is, secret, then create credentials, add trusted URIs for oauth. And you need to add a domain that will be confirmed (no ips or .local hostnames allowed). And it must be https since it’s oauth…I can’t imagine many hobbyists like my self will be able to comply with all of that. (I say hobbyists because what org will display a Google cal on grafana? Ah, who knows.) I still failed to get it to work tho which is why I wonder if it’s caused by a similar issue (Google has cracked down and made this all so secure nothing will work anymore).

Appreciate any help!

Side note: I don’t care what binding I use so if someone has a better method to get a Google calendar to display on sitemap, etc, I’m all ears :slight_smile:

There’s a new calendarish binding in progress, but there’s no full replacement yet.

Try using the URL that Google tells you is correct.