Caldav send BEGIN command at each reloadInterval

I have a caldav-command binding and setup with this parameters:


Every minute, when even was reloaded from calendar, command is sent on the bus, even if the event is just started from time, and this happen until event end.
The result is that i use binding to turn on my AIRCO unit, so each minutes, IR command is sent.

Thanks for help.


I can’t comment if this is expected behavior for the calDav binding but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.

However, you can work with this behavior by using a changed trigger for the rule rather than received update or received command. Or you can add logic to the rule to keep track of whether the AIRCO unit is already in the expected state (e.g. if the command says it should be on, check to see if it already is ON) and only send the command to the IR if the unit is not in the right state.

Hi @rlkoshak
If this is expected behavior, for me have no sense. When event is fired, BEGIN command should not be sent for all duration of the command.

Any way, I’ll try with a rule, but my AIRCO unit have not the feedback, so I don’t know i Unit is ON or OFF, I only send the IR command hoping that it will be received and AIRCO unit will turn on.
I have to create another item and keep the status if command is just sent or not.

Beside this workaround, I’ll like to know from the creator of the binding if this is expected behaviour or not.