CalDAV server in openhabian

Hi all, just a thought sharing. I’d like to have the possibility to, optionally, install a CalDAV server in order to use it as “scheduler” for the home controller openhabian based. I’m currently using Google Calendar but I think that a “all in one” solution might be better an useful for a friendly (and more secure) controller.
Thanks for the good work.

you have many options.
For a CalDAV servers you can look at or
If you want a bit more and a nice web frontend, the CalDAV implementation inside is actually quite nice.

All of the above is imho out of the scope of the openHABian setup.

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Thanks for the hints. My idea was that, including one of this tools in openhabian (like influxdb/grafana) could be a nice complement in order to create a all-in-one package for not linux experts.
It’s only a brainstorming. Thanks again.

Sure thing. Everyone can install e.g. owncloud in just a few steps. If enough users show an interest in an openHABian integration here, we can consider it.