CALDAV stopped working on Openhab2

Hi everyone,

I’m using caldav for my garbage calender.
It worked until last Tuesday but now I always get the same error.
[caldav.internal.job.EventReloaderJob] - Sardine error while loading calendar entries: Unexpected response (404 - Not Found)

The calendar entries are in the folder “/var/lib/openhab2/etc/caldav/Muell”.
I have already deleted the calendar entries from the folder and the binding has fetched all new.
I uninstalled the binding, emptied the cache and reinstalled it.
Now I have no idea anymore :frowning:

Does anyone know the problem?

I am using Openhab2 latest release 2.3 on a Raspi3.

thanks for your help


We’re going to have to ban posts with the title “X stopped working”. :wink:

Not seeing this problem in my 2.3 install on Windows.