calDav - two problems / questions

Hi again,

So far I managed to get the binding to work for 1 sync with the server. It downloaded all ics-files which were on the server at this time. All entries created later are not shown or downloaded to the raspi. I have the refresh time for the calendar set to 1 minute, changed it to 30 minutes after thinking maybe it is too fast for the server. (I am using iCloud.) Did not help, set it back to 1 minute. Any ideas on this one?

Second problem:
I have an upcoming event where I can only see the name but not the time. Time is still undef.

String OfficeCalName1   "Nächster Termin [%s]"  <calendar>      { caldavPersonal="calendar:'business' type:'UPCOMING' eventNr:'1' value:'Name'" }
DateTime OfficeCalTime1 "Start [%1$tA]" <calendar>      { calDavPersonal="calendar:'business' type:'UPCOMING' eventNr:'1' value:'START'" }

Also which parsing syntax is this? Where can I get some more details on this?

Greetz Rob

Hi Rob, sorry not much time at the moment, but I think there should be no ’ ’ around the START:

Tried it with and without. Same result.

Hi Rob,
I had the same problem. In an online tutorial, it said that the caldavPersonal.cfg should look like this:


With that I had exactly your problem. The calender refreshed when I changed it to


Maybe it’s the same problem? Could you share your caldavPersonal.cfg and your caldavio.cfg? (without the passwords of course :grinning:)