Call for hands-on papers/presentations on mashups of things and apis - Might be of Interest to some OpenHABers

Hi everybody,

I don’t know whether members of the scientific community or industry-guys interested in scientific conferences are around. Anyway, we’re currently organizing a workshop on “Mashups of Things and APIs”, explicitly searching for hands-on presentations and actual implementations. As what OpenHABers do typically combines IoT devices and other Web-APIs, I can very well imagine interesting submissions somehow related to OpenHAB / Eclipse Smart Home.

From the call:
“In this workshop we solicit research papers and experience reports on mashups of things and APIs (MoTAs). MoTAs are applications - often rapidly prototyped or end-user-created - that use things, i.e., IoT sensors and devices, and web APIs to offer new functionality. […] This workshop focuses on actual implementations of such mashups (ranging from prototype to production system) as well as on the tools and systems that enable these implementations.”

As a member of the program committee and active OpenHABer, I would really appreciate to see submissions from the OpenHAB / Eclipse-Smart Home universe. If somebody is interested to submit something but not sure whether it actually fits (or uncertain about anything else), just ask - either here or at at



So like a real world use of the culmination of multiple technologies working together including Maker/hacker solutions?

In a way, yes. Just “describing a use case” would probably not be enough (still, it’s a scientific conference), but if you demonstrate a certain technological basis to enable such use cases (“because of its technical approach xyz”), it might become sound.

The workshop is part of the “Middleware” conference, so having a focus on OpenHAB / Eclipse Smart Home and (some of) their technical concepts (what is so distinguishing about them?) would probably make sense. Nonetheless, anything else matching the mentioned call would of course fit, too. A high degree of interwoven interactions between “Things” and “(Web) APIs” would certainly be a plus :wink:

The conference sounds quite interesting and i’m sure will pull out a whole lot of interesting articles.

While sorely tempted to try and write something, I suspect my own experiences are a bit too pedestrian for a conference paper. That being said, the papers which are submitted will more than likely have some great examples of home use cases and should be a gold mine for ideas of what I/we could implement.

Best of luck, and keep us informed if/when the papers are published.