Calling all z-wave Fibaro Dimmer 2 users

I’ve just fitted a fibaro 212 with bypass, and it’s working great in openhab.

Weirdly though it won’t switch with the manual switch (standard on/off) that’s attached to it. Does anyone have any ideas please?

Thanks in advance.

  • Have you checked the switch is wired between S1 and Sx (e.g. not S2)?
  • Has the device correctly detected the switch as momentary or toggle?

I’d recommend replacing an on./off switch with a momentary switch to allow set dimming, or at least set the switch to off and manually turn it on and back off to simulate a momentary contact.

Thanks James.

The switch is wired correctly and i’ve used habmin to tell the device it has a toggle switch attached, but to no different effect.

When i get some time I’ll try a full reset making sure the switch is off (it might not have been when I did it before). Hopefully that’ll sort it.