Calling digitalSTROM appScenes

Dear Community

I have an unexpected behavior with my current installation and I’m wondering if someone has observed similar issues. My current setup is openHAB 2.5 (in docker) and digitalSTROM 1.16.3. Yellow and black devices are all working fine.

What I try to implement is to turn on/off the presence simulation via the appScenes present(scene 71) and absent(scene 72). Therefore I’ve added two things for the channels and two switches to trigger the actions and to represent the states.

The states are propagated as expected from digitalStrom to openHAB when I call the actions “Leaving Home” or “Coming Home” within the digitalStrom web interface. This makes me believing that the channels were setup correctly in general. However, when I want to trigger a scene by the switches in openHAB it seems the scenes are not called in digitalStrom. I’ve also tried other appScenes like Alarm, Panic and Fire but none of them were working either.

I tried both ways, with textual configuration and with auto-discovery but the behavior is the same. The approach did work with openHAB 1.3 to 2.1 and with older versions of digitalSTROM (up to 1.14.0).

Is anyone fighting with the same issue or does someone have a hint how to tackle this problem?
Any input is warmly welcome :slight_smile:


I just want let you to know that the problem was found. It’s a bug in the binding (see ). Pull request is submitted…