Cam, Door, Motion Sensor —> HabPanel


I am looking for a solution to see who is in front of my door. I thought that it should be possible that if a motion sensor or a doorbell gets a command I activate an IP cam and send the picture live to wall mounted device which is completely configured to the habpanel.

Normally the habpanel shows rollershutters, media control, lights and other stuff.

Is it possible to control the active view of this habpanel with a rule? I would also use this to send a picture of the camera via mail/notification/whatever to me if I am not in my house.

Does anyone has already implemented such a solution and could send me some help?

I already has motion sensors in place and I am planning to integrate a switch in my doorbell system.

I „only“ need a valid cam for this and some options for the configuration.

Thank you

Oh, I think I already found a solution to change the HabPanel Frame. There is an option to listen to a string item. You can update this item with the name of the habpanel site which shows the camera view.

So I just need a camera which can integrated in openhab/habpanel.

If you purchase a camera with advanced features in this binding you will have more options open to you and easier setup. Also look for a camera that advertises it has these smart alarm types as they are worth having to reduce false alarms.

  1. Tripwire/line crossing.
  2. Intrusion detection.

Not sure if you also know that HIk/dahua/amcrest cameras have an Alarm input feature and you can use this to connect any existing doorbell button and the binding will tell you when the button is pushed. The camera can also do the motion for you. Choosing the right camera will make what your trying to do very easy.

If you have a “normal” doorbell with a transformer (usually 9+ V) there are terminals there that gets shorted when you hit the bell. Usually 3 wires, a common wire, 1 wire for front doorbell, and 1 for back door bell. Most recent homes are wired this way. They are usually AC transformers. You can detect the button press by detecting when the sine wave hits zero (called zero crossing). Attach an ESP8266 on it to update your OH of the press. I did this prior to just using my Blue Iris server to detect front door motion. I suggest you look into Blueiris also as it is one of the most mature VMS out there.

Thanks guys for this help.

First I’d like to install this in the classic door bell solution. I think this should work with my existing environment: (sorry, I havn’t found an english link)

So I can use my HomeMativ which is integrated to OH for triggering the rule.

Do you have one or two solutions (maybe amazon links) for cameras which should work with the IP binding and which are having the additional options?

Thanks in advance.

Has alarm and audio IO plus supports these alarms internally (Tripwire, Intrusion, Object Abandoned/Missing,Face Detection). WDR and starlight features are great and h265 support. All these things are great to have.
Only concern is if the IR will wash out faces at very close range, need to get advice based on where you locate this camera.

Hikvision DS-KB6003-WIP
Manual states it supports jpeg, rtsp and movement alarm events, but no button pushes from users feedback (see below). Have no idea if this camera will work in the binding as this may not have the API implemented, google for more info…

Since it does not alert you to the button push you can use this trick…

Thanks for your help

No problem, let me know how you go as I want to do the same thing in 6 months time…

See this review and it has some video footage as a front door use.