Camera on habdroid

I’m experimenting with cameras features on my ubuntu system with a webcam and motion. Everything is working fine but I’m experiencing issues to show the camera via openhab. I tried different ways on my sitemap:

Image item="Livingcam1b" label="Livingroom" refresh=20000 url="http://localhost:8080/images/cameras/snapshot_living.jpg"
Image item="Livingcam1c" label="Livingroom" url="http://localhost:8081/"
Video label="Livingroom" url="http://localhost:8081/" encoding="MJPEG" 

the first one uses an url where motion saves every 5 seconds a snapshot, I can see the image both on webinterface and habdroid, but the image is not refreshed;
the second one uses directly the motion webserver, it’s working via webinterface but I cannot see anything via habdroid, even no frame;
the third one is working via webinterface but via habdroid I can see just a black frame.
Motion is not public outside the home network so I already now the item webview won’t work.
What’s the best solution to have the video working both via web and app?
thank you.

I use motion with openHAB but have had the some difficulties as you by the looks of it. I ended up just including a snapshot view in my openHAB sitemap (which doesn’t refresh). For streaming I use the Imperihome app on my Android phone (which you have to pay for to get full access) which is very good at streaming IP cameras, from both inside/outside your network (once you setup port-forwarding on your router etc).

I have found out something: changing the value webcam_localhost, within the motion conf file, from on (default) to off, enables access to the stream from other server than localhost, and then the line

Video label="Livingroom" url="http://localhost:8081/" encoding="MJPEG"


Nice - I will have to give that a try!

Gave this a go but not dice. Never mind - happy with my snapshots and viewing streams in Imperihome.