Can Alexa trigger a RULE?

I just got OH2 installed this weekend and am successfully controlling WEMO switches. Is it possible to have an OH2 RULE trigger from Alexa? For instance, I would like all the lights (controlled by WEMO switches) to turn off if I say “Alexa goodnight”


Well, there are several approaches. You could use the Hue-Emulation-Binding or you could set up the habmin cloud-solution in Connection with the official -openhab-alexa-skill.
‘Alexa goodnight’ will 100% not work because this is a built-in sentence which results in an Alexa-answer.

It’s not the perfect solution, but there is a simple solution.

Define a switch item like Goodnight.

rule "Goodnight lights off"
		Item Goodnight changed from OFF to ON
		sendCommand(Light1, OFF)
		sendCommand(Light2, OFF)
		sendCommand(Light3, OFF)


Alexa, turn Goodnight on

The for me way more intuitive solution for exactly this problem is:

Define a group “Living Room” or so in Alexa, assigne all Switches.

Ask “Alexa, turn off lights in the living room”.


Awesome. I created a group called “House” and asked Alexa - Turn off the house. Bingo! Alexa turned off all the lights, the TV and stereo (via our Harmony Hub) Thanks Michael!

Thanks Christoph, your suggestion is great because my goal is to have Alexa trigger a rule. I will take a crack at getting it working. Thanks again! -Mike