Can anyone confirm if GPIO binding works with openhabian running openhab 2.3?

Just need to know if it works before I continue to torture myself trying to get the gpio working again after updating to openhab 2.3.

It set up and worked so easily with openhab 2.2 and then I updated and now no matter what I seem to try, the pins don’t respond. I’ve tried adding the openhab user, adding/removing a gpio.cfg file, following all of the prerequisite instructions, used the BCM number, used the GPIO pin number. Maybe I made a small misstep following one of these instructions, but just want to know if it should be working. Thanks!

I was using the GPIO pins with openhab 2.3 a few weeks ago. For it to work, I un-installed then re-installed the binding via PaperUI. I’ve since swapped to RPI3 and everything is on SSD, no longer using GPIO as I didn’t want the potential possibility of a power issue.

Thanks for the reply. I’m using a pi3. What do you mean you’re using SSD instead of GPIO?

Also, were you running openhabian, or did you do a manual install? Using apt-get?

I am using an SSD hard drive without an SD card. I stopped using the gpio pins because I really didn’t need them and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to have power issues trying to used both gpio and SSD hard drive (SSD is powered from USB of the RPI).

I installed openhabian image using Etcher.

Ah, I get it now. Thanks for confirming. At least I know it should work with openhabian now, I’ll keep trying.