Can I add a HomeKit device in OpenHAB? (Elgato Eve Energy)


I use openHAB on my Pi. In HomeKit I have an Elgato Eve Energy. As Bluetooth devices are (at least with my knowledge) impossible to integrate directly into openHAB, I wonder if it is possible to integrate it with HomeKit integration (is HomeKit integration the same as HomeBridge? If not, what is the difference?)?

Maybe I get the whole idea of HomeKit integration wrong but I am not very experienced and new to the platform. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!

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Interested to me also, plan to use the same device with openhab but I have no idea for the first step.

According to my knowledge:
Albeit Eve energy is a Bluetooth low energy device, it is designed to work with Apple HomeKit only, so it is not possible to use it anywhere else.

Possible solutions:

  1. someone writes a binding to retrieve items from HomeKit… but this could end up in a duplication between HomeKit and openhab as items already integretaed from openhab to HomeKit would appear again again in openhab…
  2. create a virtual switch in openhab, populate it to HomeKit and create a rule in HomeKit to change the eve energy state depending on this switch

Ps a further drawback of eve products is that despite they are Bluetooth low energy accessories, they are not supporting mesh networks, instead they are directly linked to your hub and so they are strongly impacted by range and walls (unless an eve extender or more are implemented)