Can I control logging by binding or item type

OpenHab current version.
User level beginner.
Platform uBuntu 18 on HyperV

I am currently learning how to put rules together and interact with different bindings. At this time the log is very helpful. I am using Karaf and understand the use of the log: command and use log:tail, log:list and have benefitted from being able to change the log level for smarthome.event but I would like a finer control for use while testing and developing.

Is there a way to filter the log:tail?
Can i set the log level by binding/thing/item?
Other thoughts?

Thanks for hints or examples.

Read the docs before posting, please.

I read the karaf documents, logging docs + tried out the commands that I thought might help and a few more that I found interesting. I also reviewed the binding documentation for Plex and the community. If I am missing something it is for ignorance not for a lack of effort. Please point me to the documentation. I am happy to fish but maybe I am not looking in the right place or maybe there are no such fish

This thread may be informative:

The search function at the top of the page is your friend :wink:

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I’ve clearly done poorly at the searching as I just came back to make a note that I found the /var/lib/openhab2/etcorg.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg and appreciated the challenge to find it but really appreciate the reply. Thanks to scottK and Markus.