Can I get a reminder from GCAL?

Hi, I installed the Google Calendar Scheduler service and I think I configured it properly (thanks to the excellent guide).

I always read in the tutorial that to trigger an event I have to put the syntax in the description of the GCAL event:

start {
send | update
end {
send | update

So can I just update the status of an item?

If I wanted to have OpneHAB read a message or text written in the gcal event, how could I do it?

Basically I’d like to use TTS to create a viral butler that reminds me of events and appointments.

I have already activated the TTS and my OpenHab warns me when some items change state or when certain events occur.

But I guess I can’t simply write in the event:

start {
say “Ey max, start the game on TV!”
end {

Thanks bye!

Idea, I could create a TEXT item, set the text of the item with the GCAL event, create a script that reads it aloud when the value of the text changes.
Am I on the right track or am I taking a blunder?

You’re on the right track. Something like the following should work.

  • Create a String item
String MessageToSay
  • Then create a rule
rule "Say Message"
    Item MessageToSay received command

Then in your calendar entry

send MessageToSay "Happy birthday!"

great! after I try it. thank you!!

Perfect, everything works the first time!
Thanks again!