Can I have a PaperUI cell ONLY from admin?

I would like to have a cell visible only if logged in as admin.


What are you referring to by “cell”"?
PaperUI is available in OH2 only, however in OH2 there is no user-concept S in OH3.

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In OH 2.5, as opus indicates, the answer is no. There is no concept of users at all.

If you mean MainUI in OH 3 (PaperUI only existed for OH 2) then yes. Each widget has a set of visibility properties that can be used to hide widgets except when the logged in user is an admin. What I don’t know though is if you can hide individual cards on the automatically generated tabs of the overview page. I suspect (but have never tested) that if you create a custom list widget for all the members of that card and configure them so they are only visible to admin users then the main card won’t be shown either because it will be empty.

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