Can I have Zigbee and Z-Wave?

I’m new to this and currently try to figure out what I want to buy. It looks like some sensors/things are cheaper on Zigbee, others on Z-Wave or only available in one protocol. So I’m thinking that I’d like to have both protocols. My understanding is that OH can talk to both and I could for example control a zigbee lightbulb with a z-Wave switch. is that correct?
If so, I’ve read that there was a stick (HUSBZB-1) that had both protocols but a) it is discontinued and b) it seems not very reliable. So I’m thinking about getting a Raspbee Shield and an Aeotec Z-Stick. Has anyone running those two things on a Rasbperry? Would that work?

I got mine on Amazon just a few weeks ago. I just check and they’re still selling them, from multiple sellers. Maybe it’s too soon to say, but mine hasn’t been unreliable, and I don’t hear much lately about problems with them.

I don’t have those two exact devices, but I have a Z-Stick and an Insteon PLM, and they both work properly. Each device gets its own serial port and you configure openhab to use the proper port for that device. You can then control stuff from both devices.

I see no reason why the z-wave and the zigbee wouldn’t work together.

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Thank you both, that’s the way I go then…