Can I install the upnp feature from addons.cfg?

Is it possible to install the upnp feature using addons.cfg? I have a couple bindings that I put in addons that have a dependency on upnp. I’m getting tired of installing the upnp feature from the console every time I upgrade to a new snapshot.

Easiest way would be to add SONOS or WeMo Binding to your addons.cfg, even not using them.


Good point! I hadn’t thought of that.

That sounds like a bug that should be fix for those bindings. They should install the features they need right?

Not a bug – a feature!

When you put bindings in addons, their dependencies are not installed automatically (the deps are defined in features.xml, which doesn’t exist for binding in addons).

I am wondering if you could create a custom features.xml and deploy it together with your *.jar… I will check and report back :slight_smile:

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OK, well I guess users who are adding bindings to the addons folders should know what they are getting into.

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yep, but esp with bindings under development it could help to make installation easier

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