Can I integrate my Smart lock With it?

Is it possible to integrate my smart lock in Open Hab?

If your smart lock is from Nuki…of course

If your smart lock is Z-Wave likely can integrate it too. There may also be ZigBee smart locks.

Do you already have a smart lock or looking to purchase?
Where are you located? Z-Wave offerings particularly, are region-specific.

There are. I have a Kwickset 914 deadbolt that supports both Zwave and Zigbee. Though I will say that the lock parts do not seem to work right now. It reports battery and indicates when it’s been opened and closed but the switch to actually open it doesn’t seem to work. I never use that though so I’ve not spent the time to figure out the problem. I have it integrated using Zwave as I don’t have any mains powered Zigbee devices yet so my Zwave mesh network is more robust.

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I am looking to purchase a few on 29th. I will update the details and reviews of the devices here.