Can I remove the copyright line?

Hi folks, I’m using OH 1.8.3, everything works fine to me, but there is a minor change that I’d like to accomplish. I want to remove the above line (picture) away from openhab’s UI. Is it possible? If yes, how can I do that?

Any help? please?

I need a help please

People might be reluctant to offer guidance to remove a notice about copyright ownership of openHAB. Perhaps if you described the legitimate purpose for doing so, people might be more willing to offer assistance?

I’d be interested in that feature, too.
As I described in this post

I use CSS grids to arrange multiple sitemaps in a single web page.

The copyright notice is on the bottom of each sitemap. Having this notice 8 times in a webpage doesn’t really look that great. Besides, if I remember correctly there’s no such notice in openHAB2 and the BasicUI.