Can i take items/things definitions from PaperUI

i am in the process of migrating to a new system …

is there any way to take items configured in paper UI(from old sys) take text like
Number infoOutsideTemperature “Outside Temperature [%.1f °C]” { channel=“yahooweather:weather:beersheba:temperature” }

lets say the thing was created by PaperUI and not by me in the things file
i would like to do my config only by the files, but some time i need the binding inbox help to start things up…

so now i have half of my items on config files and half by UI

The best option is to run openhab-cli backup. Copy the file that produced to the new system in the same location. Then run openhab-cli restore.

That will make sure you have everything.

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old sys on windows, i think there is no CLI backup for win right?
windows docs are telling me to backup the entire folder…

also for my first Q, it will be also good for learning how to configre things on my own…

from what I know: unfortunately, no
currently, there is no method to “export” PaperUI generated items to text based config files (e.g. for Items)
You will have to do this “migration” manually. There have been some efforts from various people to create automated scripts that pull the data from the REST API and export it into flat files but I am not sure if they work.

you should “migrate” everything to text in your old system, then backup the %OPENHAB_CONF% folder and restore it into the new system.

Most of the 2.x bindings support text based Thing configs.
If you have an old Z-Wave binding deployment you will face the challenge that you can’t “migrate” to Things files on the old system.
You could upgrade to the latest Z-Wave binding that allows text file configs for Things also.

thanks Dim !

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I thought there was an openhab-cli equivalent or at least a backup.bat and restore.bat for the Windows in the manual install. Check the bin folder of your OH folder to see what’s there.

Theoretically, if you grab everything in userdata except cache and tmp that will include everything you need.

If you just want the Things and Items and links, then you can just copy over userdata/jsondb.

so if i get you right

i can trasnfer files of userdata\jsondb
and all will be ok?

also my text defined items?

That will transfer your Things and Items that were created through PaperUI. I can’t promise that that all will be OK. But as long as you have the same bindings installed and configured the same way it should be fine.

Thanks i will try , at least it will give me an hint of what i need to configre in paper, after i transfer the text files
so it helps even if it doesnt work :slight_smile: