Can I use 2 z-wave dongles

In order to reach my detatched garage, I am thinking about having 2 Aeon Z-stick dongles. One would be directly attached to the computer running openhab, the other on a USB extender to the garage some 70’ away. Currently the 1 USB dongle does not reach the garage.

Can I configure 2 bindings to z-wave in openhab and have devices communicate on both sides?

I would suggest getting a powered z-wave device to act as a range extender between your garage and your z-stick. Why do you have 70 feet with no other z-wave repeaters? Are all of your z-wave devices battery powered?

This is all you need:

Ok, I’ll order that repeater and see if it works. The back of my house has no outside outlets, and my house is stucco (concrete with wire mesh faraday cage).

Taylor- the 70 feet is the distance between the house and the detached garage. I wasn’t sure the aeon extender repeater would work given I have no outlet on the back of my house that faces the garage.

I would love to get the schlage lock on the garage to talk to the open hab in the house!