Can I use map here?

At the bottom in state formatter? If not, what is the best advice to do it to map these numbers from JSON to a text to be displayed in an item?

As per my understanding in the profile you can only do one transformation and not multiple.

Depending on the binding you have used, if you can edit the channel definition, I would add the transformation to the channel. Otherwise you can add the transformation to the item

You can do the mapping in the item itself.
If you want to have the mapped value stored in the item, use jsonpath in the channel instead of the profile.

If you also need to use jsonpath in the profile, use JS instead and do the double transformation in a JavaScript script.

Thank you. I will look at transforming json in the channel. It is http binding that reads json at an url.

Could you tell more about “mapping in the item”? What do you mean by that?

Well if you only want to display a text instead of a number, you can simply map the value to display the text.

I solved it in this way: created a new channel to which I added a JSON transformation. Then I added a map profile to the item.
I use entirely the UI, to item files.
Thanks for pointing me out to the right direction.