Can I use my rules from OH1 in OH3?


Can I use my rules from OH1 in OH3?


In principle yes but there is no backward compatibility.
You’ll probably have to change quite some code to accomodate for the differences OH1 vs OH3.
It might be easier to start over. For sure it makes sense to start over on the things/item side of things then you might also want to reimplement your rules.

thanx Marcus.

I am setting up OH3 the hard way :slight_smile:

I shall try to do it the OH3 way.


If you or anyone does decide to want to update their old OH 1.x rules as they are, start with the OH 1.x to 2.0 Migration tutorial in the docs (you will have to change the “version” upper right hand corner of almost any doc page to a 2.5 or lower). Then review the 2.x docs to see if any of the new features will change how you want to have your rules work. Over the years since OH 2.0 has come out I’ve managed to reduce my lines of code by about 75% with new features added like triggeringItem, Member of triggers, etc. Then you need to review the list of breaking changes in the OH 3 release and fix those in your rules.

As you can see, it’s going to be a whole lot of work just to keep you where you are. But if you start over in OH 3 it will probably be the same amount of work and you will have the opportunity to have a rethink about your approaches.

Thanks for the answer rikoshak.

I will start from scratch in OH3, then I hopefully will learn it :slight_smile:

I have been running OH1 since 1.7. Upgraded the pi with pi drive and it has been running without probelms since then.

I hope when I have configured the new OH3 that it will be so stabile as OH1 has been. I will run both until I feel that it is safe to to switch over to OH3.