Can i use the Hue Bridge instead of a CC2531 module?

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I am actually experimenting with some ZigBee devices (Light Bulbs). I have some Hue Lamps and a Hue Bridge too. I successfully connected the Light bulbs with the Hue Bridge. I have a Remote Control (HG06323) for those Light Bulbs but i cant connect the remote controll with my Hue Bridge. Now i read a lot about the ZigBee2MQTT variant.

Question: Can i use the Hue Bridge like a CC2531 module? If not… Why?
Both of them look like ZigBee Gateways for me.

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Yes, you can use the Hue bridge to handle zigbee with the Hue binding.

Everything connected via the hue bridge has to be polled from the hue binding. This is limitation of the hue bridge API.
Do not expect to get every key event (into OH) from remotes as an example. Some events will be lost.
And, with a USB stick and a computerhosted binding more diversity of devices will be supported.

However, there are better devices than CC2531…

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I had a hue bridge and Xiaomi gateway and replaced them all by


I’m verry happy

the route of using a proprietary bridge/hub/gateway for all your zigbee devices is made difficult by their owner if not a hell to achieve

An example of the devices that I use via zigbee2MQTT and the aforementioned zigebee coordiantor

except for philips hue who applying the philosophy of corporate great, the other divices are reasonably priced

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at first, thanks for the fast replies!

I had that thought too. Good to know thats it.

Well, im new to this specific theme. I have to deal with that a little more :wink:

looks very nice! Thanks for the hint.

Okay… That is really great. So many manufacturers. Thats why i love Openhab and the Community!

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