Can Not get SItemap to work

so i am following this article Garage door opener and i am having a bit of difficulty.

i have mqtt up and running.

through Putty, i can publish a message to the esp01 module, and it receives it and activates the relay as it shouold.

the open.close sensor is working and i can see it in Putty receiving messages.

the problem is the status of the door is not populating in the site map.

and when i press Go, the esp01 does not receive the message.

i believe i have a problem with the sitemap/items coding. something is not matching up.

here are some pictures

when i click on the button on the sitemap, it shows relay1 received. but it is not transmitting to the esp01 module

It looks like either your Item MQTT configuration is not correct or your MQTT addon is not properly configured.

it was my openhab.cfg file that lookslike it was not configured properly. i got it to work now. howeber i am experiencing another problem with my esp01 module.

it does not auto start init.lua and when i connect to esplorer it says cant autodetect firmware.

Which firmware are you using? Nodemcu?
Try connecting with 115200 instead of 9600 baud.

I have tried that. I flashed the master bin.