Can not set temperature, only opens analyze page opens

I am running OH3 on an RPI 4.
My problem is the following:
I have a AVM thermostat connected to my fritzBox, which is connected using the avm binding.
the problem pretty much is what I wrote in the title. The semantic class of the setpoint temperature is set to control, the semantic property is set to control.
If I now tap on the number in the MainUI, I don’t get a way to change it, just the analyze page opens.

Do I need to configure this in some other way?
I found, that some people were having issues too, but they seemed to be related to the thermostat not recieving the update, and not to not beeing able to set the item at all.

Thanks for any help!

Yes. The UI tries to guess what is the best way to represent an Item but I don’t know if it takes the semantic tags into account yet when it makes that guess.

So navigate to the Item and you can create and configure exactly how you want that Item to be represented standalone, when it’s in a list or when it’s in a card. You do that by setting the “default X widget” Item metadata. In this case you’d probably want to set the default stand alone widget to use a slider card and the default list widget to use a slider item.

Note, you can do this on the Equipment Group and create a unified widget that controls and displays all the Items on the Equipment. For example, I created a simple widget on my Garagedoor Equipment Group that shows the garage door sensor status and will trigger the opener when you click on it (two separate Items. I set that on the Group as the default stand alone widget and on the Page when I “add from model” and add my Equipment, it uses that unified widget.

Thanks, that did it!
This MainUI seems mighty powerfull…
And a bit mysterious to me…