Can OpenHAB apps on raspberry pi change from localhost to host?

Hello I am a totally new member to openHAB, as a title of this topic can anyone show me is there any way to change openHAB controller apps (on Raspberry Pi) from local host to host ? Please show me and tutor me elaborately because as I’ve just said, I am a absolutely noob
Thanks in advance

I don’t understand the question. What apps? Change what from localhost to host? Maybe if you elaborate on what you are trying to do in more detail.

sorry about my poor english. I mean right now only my raspberry can reach the page openHab (which I created and I use my web browser to open it). I want to any computer also can open that page (of course with ID and password) from anywhere, can we do that and how?

First set the security to EXTERNAL in openhab.cfg.

Then on your other machines on your LAN you would access openhab using:

http://<ip address or hostname of raspberry pi>:8080/<sitemap name>

For example, my openHAB instance is on on my LAN and my sitemap file is default.sitemap so my URL is:

Unless you set up a DNS server on your LAN, not all browsers will be able to use the Pi’s hostname in the URL (e.g. Windows machines will probably be able to see it but Android and iOS devices would not.

You can find the IP address of your Pi by running sudo ifconfig.

You may need to look into what it takes to have your router statically assign the IP address or configure the host with a static IP or else it could change in the future when either your router or Pi reboots.

To access openHAB outside your LAN you have two choices:

  1. install and configure my.openhab
  2. setup a VPN connection
  3. setup port forwarding in your gateway

I highly recommend using 1 unless you are really good with securing your operating systems and your networks. The fact you are asking this question at all tells me you probably are not.

Then when you are not on your LAN, you would use to access openHAB.

Thanks you a lot because of quick reply! I have downloaded the latest my.openhab from here :, What exactly should I do next to access remotely my openhab webpage outside LAN network, I mean I don’t understand the sentence you said: “1) install and configure my.openhab” , what exactly should I need to configure? Sorry because I just a mere highschool boy , I hope you wouldn’t mind showing me elaborately the way !

Just perform the steps in
and you should be good to go.