Can openHAB be hacked?

openHAB has no connection to the cloud services, which makes it more secure against other cloud systems. but is it also safe for hackers who are nearby?

Slow down, and spend some time browsing the docs and especially this forum. Scattergun questions will often be answered with more of a grasp of the background.

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Name one digital asset that is not hackable.
Indeed, none :wink:
To limit the risks, you need to secure your setup at home using a multi-layered defense approach.

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is that true ?
That definitely depends on what you would like to setup and thus depends on the services that you integrate.

Keep in mind that no code is without flaws os it depends on the measures that you take - as with other OSs, services, programs.

In case you use radio based communication (WiFi, Z-Wave…) your system is basically vulnerable to acces from someone “nearby”, even someone outside your home. Depending on the communication method of your choice you need to follow the appropriate best practices to lower the risk of someone intruding into your system.
In comparison, if everything is done using cables instead of radio based communication, physical access is needed for a “hacker” to be able to intrude into your system.

It mostly doesn’t need to be hacked. It’s mostly open to anyone who has access to it.

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