Can openHAB be used to have multiple Insteon sensors trigger an Insteon siren?

I’m very confused as to what exactly openHAB offers with regards to Insteon. The GitHub page says that device linking has to be configured outside of openHAB. But my reason for looking for home automation software is specifically to bypass the limitation that each Insteon scene can only be triggered by one sensor. So, before I invest too much time and effort into understanding and configuring openHAB, I was wondering whether someone could please comment on whether it is going to work. My specific use case is that I’d like to create a home alarm setup where multiple sensors (motion, open/close, etc.) can trigger the siren.

I’d think you could create a rule for that use case.

Are you looking for something like this?

Maybe. It says “Setting up Insteon groups and linking devices cannot be done from within openHAB”. Are you saying that, if I define a group using Insteon Terminal, I can then use openHAB to send messages to that group based on any sensor that I wish to be the trigger?

That’s what I understand, especially from the chapter the link is pointing to. However, I can only read the docs, I don’t own any Insteon device.

Cool! I guess in that case I would want to deploy it on my Synology rather than my not-always-on desktop PC.