Can openhab2 rule trigger alexa speaker?

I have a rule in my OH2 which sends me an email when the washing machine has finished.
Is it additionally possible to trigger the alexa alarm or play another sound on the alexa device or let alexa say “the washing machine has finished” via text to speech?

That would be great!
Unfortunately the Alexa skill api does not allow to play anything without activating Alexa by voice. So the answer simply is: no.

I guess you could use text to speech on rpi that uses alexa as bluetooth speaker, if you dont have the dot of course…

Alexa just opened up a voice announcement API:

Has anyone digged into this?

This just explains how Alexa enabled third party devices receive notifications. I assume that the documentation how skills can trigger notifications will be published in a few weeks. Until then, we don’t know how to do that.

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