Can read Pentair but not control it

I’ve compiled the latest Pentair addon (master branch) and setup the RS485 device. I am reading pool status such as Pool, Spa, PoolLight, Waterfall and SpaJets Mode, Pool temp, Air temp, etc. but I cannot control the state of the switches. If I control via the EasyTouch remote then yes I see the state update in HAPPanel immediately, so it is reading fine. I see in hab logs that it sends the new settemps, or new circuitSwitch state (I added a log line there). So it should be sending out.

I also cant get any pump or intellichlor data. I do get one error on start:
“Command from unregistered device (32): A5 20 10 20 C5 01 00”

I dont know what is wrong, some theories:

  • Compatibility issue
    ** EasyTouch remote is P4HEASYTOUCH/IC: 4249A-EZHNDHLD
    ** Intellichlor IC20
  • Maybe the device setup is different than the example in
  • Maybe my usb device cant transmit properly? It’s a “JBtek USB to RS485 Converter Adapter ch340T”

My pentair.things file:

Bridge pentair:serial_bridge:1 [ serialPort="/dev/ttyUSB0" ] {
easytouch main [ id=16 ]
intelliflo pump1 [ id=96 ]
intellichlor ic20 [ id=0 ]

Hi Colin. Were you able to get this working. I am the author of the binding and can assist. I haven’t been monitoring the community though for people that have issues.


No, I wasnt able to with OpenHAB and your plugin. I did go through your code and I was planning on adding in the needed parts but I didnt know the Pentair serial protocol. I went searching for similar Pentair control projects and I stumbled onto nodejs-poolController. I installed that to play around and it actually worked great and I still use it. I was thinking I could use that code the figure out the protocol but ended up adapting OpenHAB to nodejs-poolController through MQTT or web services, I am not sure. I didnt end up using OpenHAB for long. OpenHAB was great but the RPi is hard to keep working (constant SD card corruption) and most other IoT stuff just angered me because it was hard to keep working. I have a Wink 2 Hub that is useless right now cuz they decided to start charging a rate/month wth. Their product is terrible anyway. I wrote an Amazon Alexa skill to control the pool via nodejs-poolController and I am pretty happy with that for now.