Can we control the Elevator using openhab for home automachine?


Can I know if we can control the elevator operation using the openhab2? If so which brand of elevator supports the openhab2? Also can anyone help me out with the bindings for the elevator? I wanted to install elevator for my home and make elevator to control from the openhab2. can anyone help me out with the above queries.

Wow, there’s a question.

I guess the questions to answer are

  • How much control do you want / expect?

  • What would you preferred control interface be?

  • What safety mechanisms do you want in place, to ensure “local” control takes priority.

–> I want to control my lift lets say,
a) for opening/closing of elevator doors.
b) ensure selection of floors and taking people to that respective floor.
c) If elevator stops or abrupt vibrations in it or break open of doors, generate an alarm automatically
and send message to the respective openhab user.
–> I want to control it using HABPANEL.

Sounds like you need to interface with the Elevator control system.

(For the sake of safety)

Does the control system have any IO ports you can use?

{Similar questions apply to your swimming pool}

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OpenHAB is not suitable for safety systems.

For something like a personnel elevator, you should use the purpose designed and validated manufacturer’s system.
Local building regulations will probably force you to do that anyway.

You can probably find elevator systems that can report what they are doing to some external service. Remote commands may not be possible directly, but you can always simulate button pushes from openHAB in some way.


Replacing elevator systems with your own electronics or logic is a no go.

Interacting with its systems on the other side is save: Those buttons (or even a REST-API) must withstand curious children, so OpenHab can do no harm.
I.e. pressing the door open button while transport may never open the door.

My background: I am developing software that itself is not safety relevant, but communicates with IEC 61508 certified software.


Hi, I work in an elevator company and I Connect our Office elevator to OH2.
From OH2 you are able to call the elevator to each floor, to keep door open, to disabile the car buttons. while you can get info about floor position, car direction, door status and of course sending allert in case of few elevator problems.
All is safe and accordino to EU and US elevator code but you need to be a elevator expert to do it safe… on principal can be applied to any elevator type by using simple opto and relay interface pcb
If you are interested I made a video (in italian but i think it is self explanatory) time ago and I can upload on you tube.


Hi, can you please upload that video in the youtube and share the link with us as well.


I’m not one for bolding and capitalizing words for emphasis, but I feel like these words should be bolded and capitalized. :wink:

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