Can you configure Yale 246 user codes from Openhab?

Just replaced a Yale 120 with a Yale 246. It paired fine but it’s odd that it doesn’t show any options to remove from network, can’t configure any of the device options, can’t configure user codes. All these menu options are missing. However, the lock communicates with the network fine and I can get all the status updates from the channels.

Does anyone have a yale246 working correctly?

Make sure you are on the zwave snapshot binding. It does not work with the stable.

Yes, I am on the latest 2.4.0 binding. I had to upgrade the binding to get the level parameter in alarm_raw.

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Solution here was to downgrade to snapshot 2.4.0~20180902221416-1. I can now see the device configuration and user codes.

I’d be surprised if it was the snapshot that fixed it. The Yale 246 supports 250 codes and it tends to slow the UI way down and not all options display. I bet after an openhab restart you would see similar behavior, but I could be wrong.

How I fixed this was to stop the zwave binding from karaf and edit the xml to only support 50 user codes. Haven’t had a problem since.

Yes, this is certainly a known issue with devices that have hundreds of available user codes. We have discussed limiting this to a fixed number (does anyone really need 250 codes! :wink: ) which would speed up the acquisition of these codes, reduce impact on battery life, and avoid issues with the UI displaying so many codes…

I think the snapshot did fix it. I was restarting multiple times trying to get it working. The user codes section literally was not available for me to access. The configuration properties were not available. After downgrading it started to work.

I would be surprised as there is no change in the snapshots - it’s more than likely a coincidence.

hi chris has this change occured in the zwave binding?