Can you use openhab2 without coding?

I have been using domoticz until now and it was pretty newbie-friendly as coding was not nececary to get things working. Is it possible to add for example a ambient light sensor and a dimmable lightbulb like wemo/milight and have the light dim up/down depending on the lightlevel without coding? Domoticz used a blocky where you just dragged the sensors/logic to the right place

OH2 has an experimental rule editor in PaperUI, so yes, you can technically do everything within Paper UI. You do need to enable experimental bindings and as stated, it is experimental so your mileage may vary.

It’s important to note, while you can certainly run an OpenHab 2 system without text files, you do lose a sense of “control” over the system. PaperUI was developed for the Eclipse Smart Home system (which OH is based on) not OH exactly. While it works perfectly fine, there are some things you can not do like create custom sitemaps or add item tags if you want to use a Homekit, Hue, Echo, or Google Home directly (though compatibility through IFTTT is possible).

Most people use Paper UI to install bindings, auto discover things, and add them to the system. They then use text files to create the items, rules, and sitemaps. While there is a good learning curve, I find this the best balance of convenience vs. control. And people on this forum are excellent. If you ever have a question, someone will always be willing to help you out.