Can z-wave binding works with all fibaro sensors

Hi , I am going to buy
Motion Sensor (Fibaro)
Z Wave to AC IR Extender
Door Sensor (Fibaro)
Gas Sensor (Fibaro)
Smoke Sensor (Fibaro)
Flood Sensor (Fibaro)
Dimmer For Controlling Lights (Fibaro)
Flush Shutter (Fibaro)

can all these works with openhab2 , I have Aeon Z-stick (GEN 5) as my z-wave controller.
Please help me before this huge invesment

Yes they will all work - I personally have the Fibaro Motion, Door, Flood and Dimmer devices and they all work with my Aeon Z-Stick (Gen5).

The beauty of Z-Wave is all devices should work with one another, regardless of manufacturer. And if a device is missing from the OH Z-Wave database (which only affects the ability to change the device configuration) then it is relatively easy to add.

For Fibaro devices however I would be very surprised if any of them were missing - they are the most popular manufacturer, along with Aeon, so someone else would have already used them and updated the database.

Fibaro motion sensor temperature value is not updated ???

Temperatures provided by sensors should be updated.

how much time it will take to update , it is not allowing me to change through configuration in paper ui as 500 Internal Server error is comming logs are :-

2017-09-23 11:52:47.380 [WARN ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Jetty request 325542 failed: null

Sensors need to be configured. You will need to set an update time, and/or a delta for it to send reports. Eg if you only tell it to update once an hour, then that’s what it will do. If you tell it to update if the temperature changes by 1 degree, then it will update when either of these change.

I don’t know what device you are talking about, so this is a general statement - it’s not set by the binding.