Cannot add Homekit to OH3

Hi, since today I am a new OH3 user (on raspberry pi). I have a homekit installation (with apple TV) and tried to connect Homekit into my OH3 setup. In my IOS app I do see OpenHab as an accessoire, and I can add it to my homekit overview (on the Iphone). I have to add OpenHab as a bridge in stead of an accessoire, after hours of clicking and a fresh OH3 set-up. I failed: It is not possible to add OpenHab as a bridge to my set-up. Please can you help me?


It’s unclear on what steps you’ve taken, or if you followed the documentation. The more detail you provide on the steps you’ve taken, the easier it will be for someone to help you.

Unfortunately, I don’t use Homekit, so I won’t be able to help you. I’m just hoping to speed up the process of getting you some assistance.

the link that Russ provided is a great starting point. Just a way of shortcutting the root cause, if you see the openHAB bridge in homekit, this is great, but if there are not any items available with the bridge, i would first look into the part of the home kit addon description and check if you have done the “add metadata” part for homekit and if you have properly tagged some items. You can start with one e.g. switch or lightbulb to make it simple and see if this becomes visible. Homekit should publish them right away.

Hi, thanks for your reply! I have followed this description. I expect that OpenHab should be available as ‘bridge’ in my Homekit configuration, but this is not the case. It is present as accessory Because of this i Don’t get my pairings from Homekit into my Openhab setup. In my Homekit setup i have already lights, switches et cetera and multiple rooms configured in Homekit. I would like to have them available in Openhab. Unfortunately I don’t see them, because I think Openhab is connected as accessory (so same as a lightbulb for example) to my Homekit setup instead of a bridge.

So I followed the manual (starting point: clean install) but stranded that I don’t get in managed to see Openhab as bridge in Homekit

Can you clarify if you want your homekit items being visible in openhab?

The homekit binding just works the other way around. I am not aware of any solutions that connects from homekit to openhab other than that you install specific bindings from accessories that you use in homekit and link it directly to openhab.

A typical example would be Hue, Homematic, Deconz / Zigbee etc…

Hi Jan,

Many thanks for your reply. I thought that I can use Homekit bidirectional. So reading Homekit accessories and creating accessories from Openhab in Homekit. That were usefull hours on clicking :). One big advatage, i learned how openhab works :).

Yesterday i connected HUE to openhab, it was working in les than 5 min.